Busy Busy Busy!

16 September, 2023

I have really neglected my blog I have just realised but alot has happened over the past year and a bit. I got more clients really busy which I love. I lost a client earlier in the year as I could not work with him anymore which was a shame. I am losing 2 of my electricians as they have been offered good jobs which is sad as I have enjoyed working for them but hopefully I have 2 more lined up to fit the gap soon.

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More to come

11 June, 2022

I have 2 more potential clients one in London and one in Manchester. I hope to start with the one in London tomorrow and talk to the other one tomorrow about what exactly he wants me to do for him. I will be up to 30 hours if I get these 2 on board so will see if anymore come my way but I want to make sure I am giving my clients I have the time they need for me to carry out the work for them. It's been tricky as so many electricians are so busy they just need to find the time to seek help which will make their life less stressful.

Client number 3

21 June, 2021

My first client Jamie commented on my post that I was ddoing weekly on the Facebook page saying that 'I work for him and his small team of electricians and since I came on board I honestly don't know how we got on without her' which was a nice thin to say and this triggered a guy called Tom to contact me. He was going away for a few weeks and when he rerurned we arranged a Zoom meeting so he could show me how is software Tradify works.

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Middle of May

21 May, 2021

So i git a text from someone I spoke to a few weeks ago that wasn't quite reday for me yet. I called him and he said he wanted me to start with him on the Monday. I logged into his Xero and there were hundreds of reconciliations! It took me 2 weeks to clear them all asno purchase invoices had been put on since January and the invoices had been marked as paid but not through the bank feed. It was quie a task but I pulled it off and did 10 hours a week for him for the forst 2. I have now reduced to 5 hours as it is all up to date now. This client is based in Dunstable and we get on really well so am enjoyin working for him.

My First Post

8 May, 2021

So I advertisd myself on an Electricians network page on Facebook in April and got an enquiry from a guy called Jamie. He owns an electrical business based in Oxted and he said he needed my help. When i started with him the following Monday INconvonced him to get Xero as it is the best financial package. I had to move all of his sales invoices from January onto there and contact his suppliers to get all of his purchase invoices so I could put them on there and when we linked his bank feed I had 147 reconciliations.

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